Salma Hayek

by Cristina from Roxboro

Salma Hayek (
Salma Hayek (

My hero is Salma Hayek. She was born September 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Her dad was a Lebanese business man. Her mother was a famous Mexican opera singer. Salma Hayek is a very successful Hollywood actress. When little, Salma was determined to become an actress. Salma is very successful and talented but that is not the reason she is my hero. Salma is my hero because of all the charity work she has done.

One thing that Salma Hayek has done is awareness about violence against women. Salma encourages women who are victims of domestic violence to report the violence. Salma says that no woman should be a victim of domestic violence. Since the majority of the women who are affected by domestic violence do not report it to the authorities, they are forced to live with the violence.

Salma Hayek at Pampers UNICEF
Salma Hayek at Pampers UNICEF

Salma Hayek has her own charity, the Salma Hayek Foundation. Her foundation has supported battered women but is now supporting disadvantaged children. She is also a spokesperson for the Pampers "one pack equals one vaccine" campaign. This campaign allows UNICEF to provide tetanus shots to pregnant women, protecting them for 15 years. It also provides tetanus shots for their children. In order to help this campaign you must buy a pack of Pampers to provide a tetanus shot.

As I mentioned Salma is not my hero because she is a famous Hollywood actress. My definition of a hero is not that of a dictionary. A hero to me is a person that helps people in need, a person that is charitable. The best hero is the one that influences others, and Salma Hayek influences me.

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