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Steve Irwin

by Jake from Cordova

"Crikry mate!!!"

Have you ever wrestled down a Crocodile!!!

There are many heroes in the world but there is only one who catches my attention. The hero I am thinking of is Stephen Robert Irwin. He was also known as The Crocodile Hunter. He was born in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. He died Sept-4 2006.

Steve Irwin is my hero because he did so many cool and dangerous missions that nobody else could do. The reason he is known as The Crocodile Hunter is because he would go find a croc that was causing a lot of problems like disturbing the people in the village and eating all of their fish that they catch, so Steve would hear about this and he would go find this crock even if he had to go half way across the world. He would find the crocodile before the crocodile was hunted down and shot by the natives. When he found this certain crocodile he would bring it to shore and then his teammates would hop on top of it and then they would hold him down while Steve would do the most dangerous job, to tie the crocodile's mouth shut.

This one time Steve was trying to tie the crocodile's mouth shut and it shut his powerful jaws straight on one of Steve's hands. So one of his older friends distracted the crocodile with a piece of meat then the others helped Steve get him to the car and stop the bleeding. He was bleeding really bad and when he got to the hospital the doctors got right to work. When they were done Steve had over 30 stitches and scars so when Steve got back to the the house he sat down in his chair and then his wife told him to take a break from crocodile hunting. But Steve didn't listen to her. He got back in his car with all of his team mates and they went and they caught that crocodile. Steve tied the mouth shut with only one hand - pretty cool, huh?

steve holding a crocodile
steve holding a crocodile

But this one time he was in the middle of a crocodile catch when the doctor called him and said that his wife was having a baby. They named her Bindi Sue Irwin and she wanted to be just like her daddy and so he made a movie about crocodile hunting and then he had a TV show too so he would talk about all of the things you need to know about crocodile hunting like what to do when you run into a crocodile and how to tell them you are not a harm to them so then he started to shoot footage of other animals besides crocodiles and so he started to shoot footage on sharks, water snakes, snakes, birds, and so he started to film this sting ray and his wife was on the beach filming him and then she saw him jump out of the water to see blood streaming out of his left shoulder. The sting ray pushed his poisonous tail straight into his heart. His wife tried to call for help on her phone put as soon as they pulled the poisonous tail out of the heart of Steve, he died so he was buried in the Australia Zoo in memory of him so from this day forward you can go to the Australia Zoo and you can see his grave. Some people say he died doing what he did best. Characteristics of Steve Irwin Helpful: He likes to help others when they had problems: Clever: He had to be clever to catch the crocodiles. Forgiving: He forgave others. Lifesaver: He saved many lives from crocodiles. Resourceful: He cared for the environment by protecting endangered animals Giving: He wasn’t selfish. Fearless: He wasn’t scared to face a crocodile. Those are the characteristics of Steve Irwin

Steve Irwing in the desert
Steve Irwing in the desert

Steve Irwin is important to me is because every time I watched his show I learned something else that I didn’t even know. This one time he started to do all of this math and that taught me something. Steve was an amazing guy. When I was a kid all I could think about was Steve Irwin. I had so many pictures of him in this little booklet of mine. He was so cool but then after the accident happened I started to move on to other things like hunting and fishing and to go out and play with my friends more. So after the 2 years have passed when he died, I lost interest in him. I watch his shows and look at some of the pictures I still have when I was a kid but all of that is past. He is a cool guy still but sometimes you have to let go of your heroes and move on to other things but Steve will be the one and only person that will be my hero. You rock, Steve.

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