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Sally Ride

by Haley from Honolulu

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My hero is Sally Ride. She was the first American woman in space. I want to be like her and work for NASA one day. I'm not so sure if I want to go into space, but I really want to work for NASA because I enjoy learning about space. It's cool how other woman flew into space because of Sally Ride.

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creative commons google images (,)

Sally is my hero because she is courageous. I think she is courageous because she amazingly traveled into space. It's dangerous and people can die while flying in space. Sally was courageous to go through astronaut training. Astronauts need to get used to the pressure of space travel. I want to be courageous like Sally Ride.

Sally was also imaginative. She's imaginative because she wrote seven books for children. The seven books were about the mystery of space.

Sally Ride was smart. She graduated from Stanford University. Sally needed to be smart to become an astronaut and fly into space. If she wasn't smart, she wouldn't be able to work at NASA. I hope I can be smart enough to work for NASA one day, just like Sally Ride.

Sally Ride is my hero. I think she was amazing because she's courageous, smart, and imaginative. I want to be just like Sally when I grow up. That's why she's my hero!

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