Explorers Heroes

Sally Ride

by Tiffany from Leawood

Sally Ride is a hero for many reasons. She was the youngest astronaut to be sent into orbit out of men and women. Sally Ride was born May 26th, 1951and died July 23, 2012 from pancreatic cancer. She had a mom, dad, and little sister named Karen. Karen grew up to be a minister for her elderly parents, but Sally was interested in other stuff.

When Ride was in high school she was a nationally ranked tennis player, but she chose college and science over tennis. She went to Stanford University and got a bachelor degree in English and physics. She also earned a PhD at Stanford.

When she applied for the job of an astronaut she was one of six women in thirty-five training facilities. One of the other women accepted was her neighbor and childhood friend. Once when Sally was in training, one of the space shuttles exploded, sadly everyone in the shuttle died. Another great achievement that she made was first American women to orbit through space and her friend was the first American woman to walk in space. A disadvantage that she encountered was that since she was a girl people doubted her and put her down but she kept strong and tried not to let it get to her. Ride when you think about it only had five other people backing her up in her arguments, as in if she got in a fight with a boss then she would have everyone against her but the other five women and her. She was strong through that time and never gave up. There were also the other girls who were all supportive for each other and tried to help each other out as much as possible. The final reason why she is a hero is because she ran events to get girls into math, science and technology. The last event was in 2012 and she died recently after.

Sally Ride is a hero because she was brave, supportive, strong, and helpful. She stood up for what she believed in and did what she wanted even though everyone was against her. She was the youngest person and first woman to orbit into space.

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