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If you can set your mind to anything, than you can accomplish it. Sacajawea showed this to America. Many of us have heard of this story but many of us doesn't know why she is my hero. Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark discover land. If you have lived or live in the west you probably know who she is. If you ever had a dollar coin then you also show who she is. Many people think that a native American girl can't be a hero. Without her we wouldn't be as far as we are today. California would be founded way later than 1849. Lewis and Clark are also a big part in your life. Many people think of just Lewis and Clark but never her. Sacagawea are the main reason why they succeeded. To start things off, People have to know what a hero is. A hero can be a protagonist to one person and another person can think of them as an antagonist. Sacajawea is a hero because she did things that no one in mankind can do.

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There are many things in life that can get rough. Growing up as a kid was hard for her. "Bird Women" was Sacajawea was fearful and at the age of 12 she was kidnapped. Her tribe and her were fearful threw a journey that keep them from feeling hungry and thirsty. Living an ordinary like this strong and fearful woman's life was like a roller coaster. In her journey, she wasn't alone. She helped our society become more successful by showing how everyone can get along. She helped the white man get along with the natives and she also showed that herself was good to the white community back in her day. Later on in her life she was rewarded with having the honor of being in the dollar coin. Sacajawea tribe was the Northern Shoshoni, and it dwelled in present-day Idaho. She spent much of her youth moving around the mountainous regions of Idaho and Montana, and she knew these regions very well. A lot of people can relate to that and have moved around many times but she is an inspiration just to know that if she keep everything alright than so can anyone else. She is the person who did everything without complaining and she is fearful to live in the conditions.(The United States Mint) Eight weeks before Lewis and Clark set out from the upper Missouri, a second token of peace was added to the expedition when Sacajawea gave birth to her first child, a son named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau but called Pomp or Pompey by Clark. Sacajawea carried her infant on a cradle board as the "Corps of Discovery" headed upriver in April, 1805. The expedition was already hard enough. That quote tells me to never leave anyone behind and she never let go of her kid. They drank from the Salmon, from the Snake and the Columbia rivers, built canoes that carried them down to the Columbia's mouth, White wrote in her manuscript. On November 15, 1805, they saw the shine of the Pacific.after this the expedition raised the Stars and Stripes above the great Pacific Ocean. Sacajawea never saw the cons about what was going to happen, she always looked about what is going to be rewarded in the end.(History Net)

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In life there is always and end. In Sacajawea life it never ends. Although she died in 1812, She lives in our society as a hero and a explorer. When Lewis and Clark engaged Charbonneau as an interpreter for their expedition in 1804, it was with the understanding that Sacagawea would also accompany them. Aside from her value as an interpreter, they expected her mere presence to speak well of them to Indians they would encounter along the way. As Clark noted in his journal, "a woman with a party of men is a token of peace."("The Perspective on the West.") This tells the specific date and it also talks about who was with her. Sacajawea is unstoppable when times are tough. She thinks outside the box and shows with a little knowledge you can be unstoppable. Sacajawea is a hero to everyone because she always has something to solve problems. She helped save the Louisiana purchase.From this point on in the westward journey, Sacajawea was no doubt as unfamiliar with the geographic features as the others. She certainly was not someone who could guide them to the West coast. Still, her presence-and that of her baby-was important. Clark wrote in his journal entry for October 13, 1805, that Sacajawea reconciles all the Indians, as to our friendly intentions-a woman with a party of men is a token of peace. Relations were friendly with the Nez Perce people. Sacajawea shows you can't succeed without an effort. During the winter of 1804 Lewis and Clark interviewed several men to hire a guide. Sacajawea was pregnant for the first time and was married to Charbonneau. Charbonneau was hired because of his wife who spoke Shoshone because Lewis and Clark knew they would need help from these tribes. ("SACAGAWEA.COM.") This shows what she did in 1804 and it helps me know that. She is unstoppable and she showed that don't discriminate a person by looks. She showed that a girl can be useful and she showed the advantages of being native American at the time. During her youth among the Shoshoni and the Hidatsa, Sacajawea learned much that would later enable her to help the Lewis and Clark Expedition. For instance, she became an expert in the local flora, becoming skilled at finding berries and nuts, a skill that would help feed the expedition and diversify its diet.("Sacajawea." History) Sacajawea made youths life look really easy. She is a hero because she is smart. She had survival tactics that no one in mankind would have in our times.

Sacajawea is a hero because she did things that no one can do of mankind. Sacajawea has showed everyone how brave a women should be. She has showed that anyone can achieve if you set your mind to something. She has also toughen people. She makes me ask myself if I can't do something write, than I should think of what the rewards would be in the end. A hero can be a mans best friend but can also be a worse nightmare. Sacajawea fulfills the protagonist part in our history. She is known as Grass Women but in our history she is known as the women who never gave up.

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