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by Danae from Mozambique

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Without Sacajawea, Lewis and a Clark never would have achieved the task of going to the Pacific Ocean and back. Lewis and Clark went to the Pacific Ocean because no one had ever gone to that part of the world yet and they were told to explore it. Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark by communicating with other Indians because Sacajawea spoke both Hidatsa and Shoshone, but neither French nor English. She also helped them by hunting for food. She was almost like their mother. Lewis and Clark appreciated Sacajawea’s hard work. Sacajawea had a baby when she was only 16 years old. Sacajawea had been taken with a few other Indians to be slaves. In June 2, 1805, 33 members of the Lewis and Clark expedition prepared a camp site. Sacajawea lived from 1789 to 1812. She died in the same place in which she was born –Idaho. She was also very nice and graceful.

Sacajawea interests me because she was an Indian princess! I chose to learn about Sacajawea because I had heard of her name before but did not know much about her. I was interested to find out who she was and what she did. She made a difference by helping Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean and back.

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