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by Alexis from Iowa

This is a picture of Sacajawea on a coin. (
This is a picture of Sacajawea on a coin. (

My hero is Sacajawea. She helped Louis and Clark on their expedition. When the expedition finally reached the Pacific Ocean, Sacajawea wanted to go to the shore to see the "great waters" and the "monstrous fish". She helped get food for them like berries. When the boat tipped over she gathered up the journals and the other items. She soon proved she was a part of the team. After the expedition was done she went back to North Dakota.

Sacajawea lived in North Dakota. She became a war captive of the Hidatsa Indians in North Dakota. She met Louis and Clark there.

They believed Sacajawea lived through 1786-1812. Born Idaho into the Shoshone tribe. Some believe she was 26 when she had died. Sacajawea died at Fort Manuel, on the Missouri River.

Sacajawea is important to me because she helped search new lands and find new things. Along the way they met other tribes. Over the years few facts have been known about her life, making her one of the most famous figures in American history. So someday another person might find another fact about her life. Also someone might find some new land on the earth and someone might explore the land like Sacajawea did with Louis and Clark. I want to explore in lands and find new things just like Sacajawea did.

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