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Sacajawea's Grave Site in Wyoming (Wikipedia)
Sacajawea's Grave Site in Wyoming (Wikipedia)

Sacagawea was born in 1787 and died in 1812 on the Missouri River. She lived in the Shosone or Snake Tribe at first and then as part of the Hidatsa Tribe after she was captured. Sacagawea did not attend any schools. Instead, she was taught by her parents and the elders of the tribes.

Sacagawea navigated the western United States for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. She also found food for them during their journey. She showed landmarks to the explorers.

Sacagawea also helped with valuable items. She created medicines, saved journals, found food, and drew maps. She also helped get horses for Lewis and Clark. When they entered Indian camps, she convinced them that Lewis and Clark were peaceful, so they could get horses and stay safe.

Sacagawea showed that Lewis and Clark were peaceful by showing her presence to the other Native Americans. Without Sacagawea Lewis and Clark would not have survived their exploring, and the USA would not have moved west so soon.

There are many rivers and mountain passes named after Sacagawea. Even Sacagawea’s baby boy had a tower named after him! The tower is often called Pompey’s Pillar. Sacagawea also has monuments and memorials in Portland, Oregon, Armistead, Montana, Three Forks, Montana, Bismarck, North Dakota, and Lewiston, Idaho.

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