Explorers Heroes


by Emily from Hingham

Sacajawea is my personal hero. She was a brave, strong and responsible woman. She was a leader to two men, Lewis and Clark. She led then on a long journey through Louisiana. Sacajawea showed these traits on this journey.

How Sacajawea showed bravery on this journey was by leading Lewis and Clark on a 28 month through Louisiana and the Northwest. This expedition was about 8000 miles. Through this journey she came upon her brother that she had never met before. She also passed by a river where she had been kidnapped at age 13. A tribe called the Hidastos had kidnapped her and her companion, Otter Woman. The leader of the tribe married both of them. Sacajawea showed bravery there also by living through that and by escaping easily. She also showed bravery because Sacajawea had been riding in a boat and it suddenly overturned. She saved medicines, journals and valuable supplies that belonged to Lewis and Clark. As you now can see, Sacajawea is a brave women for all she had done.

Secondly Sacajawea is a strong and clever women. At age 18 Sacajawea got pregnant with a baby boy. Through the expedition she carried him through life and death on her back the whole time. She made sure he was protected every minute of her life. She also saved herself and him from drowning in a flash flood. She was clever by when she was on this expedition she didn’t have directions. No map, no gps, nothing. She was clever enough to know the way by the moss on the rocks and the landscape as a guide. She also had tools that were made by hand. She was a clever woman to know what she needed. She used these tools that were probably for hunting and protection from anything. That was how clever and strong she was.

Lastly Sacajawea was a responsible woman. She knew what her duty was. She was paid to lead these two men through the wilderness not knowing what she would run into. Also she saved these two men from many dangers through this journey. Without her Lewis and Clark would be dead. Finally she also was responsible because she had no supplies or food for her baby. She knew what would be good for him though. Sacajawea was an incredible, responsible woman.

As you now see Sacajawea was a brave, strong, and responsible young woman. As you think about these traits, think about who your hero in your life is. I picked this hero because I thought about what she had done and I believe she should be honored for it.

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