Theresa O.

by Caroline from Virginia

In my opinion a hero is someone you gives unselfishly of themselves. A hero is a person who you can believe in, and who cares about you. A hero is someone who never leaves your mind. When you're unhappy you think of them. A hero is someone you look up to. A hero is someone who puts other's needs before themselves.

The hero I chose was my former riding instructor Mrs. Theresa. She is my hero because she is a kind, and a great riding instructor. She loves animals and also people. She had 24 foster children, plus two of her own! Mrs. Theresa is my "pony pal's" grandma (Kara, my pony pal has a horse just like me and is my riding buddy, as well as my best friend.) She taught both of us to ride and care for our horses.

I think I have learned the most from Mrs. Theresa out of all my riding teachers. I started dressage (a type of riding) with her. She helped me find my first horse, Jessie. She also helped me to get my second horse, Lynzy. I am so glad that I am friends with Kara or I probably would not be the horse person I am now. I am so glad I chose Mrs. Theresa as my hero.

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