Wesley Autrey

by Andrew from California

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Wesley Autrey

It was a regular day at a train station when a man jumped in front of a train! There was a reason for his actions. There was a teen who had fallen onto the train tracks. The hero's was named Wesley Autrey. He had two little girls with him. One of them was 6 and the other one was 4. The teen's name was Cameron Hollopeter.

At first, he tried to pull the young man up, but he was afraid he wouldn't make it in time and they would both be killed. He said, ``So I just chose to dive on top of him and pin him down.'' Autrey and the teen landed in the drainage trough between the rails Tuesday as a southbound No. 1 train entered the 137th Street/City College station. The man that was driving the train saw them and he pulled the brakes.

"Two cars passed over the men with about 2 inches to spare. 'The troughs are typically about 12 inches deep but can be as shallow as 8 or as deep as 24, New York City Transit officials said." They identified the teen as Cameron Hollopeter, 19, of Littleton, Mass., a student at the New York Film Academy. Cameron's step mother said that her son was saved by an angel hero.

Autrey had been waiting for a train with his two young daughters. After the train stopped, he heard bystanders scream and yelled out, "We're O.K. down here but I've got two daughters up there. Let them know their father's O.K." After he said that every one was very silent. I bet that his ex-wife would never believe what her ex-husband did that day.

The reason that I choose this person as my hero is because that he saved someone's life and he became a lifesaver. He risked his life to save someone he never met, and he became a hero. I hope if I'm in trouble like a life or death situation, I hope there will be a hero like Wesley Autrey to come to my aid and save my life. That's the reason that I picked Wesley Autrey,because he is a lifesaver of Cameron Hollopeter, a teen that was having a seizure and that fell onto the train tracks. I hope that one day I could see Wesley so I can tell him that he is my hero and he also he is a hero of a teen.

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