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Winston Churchill

by Neil from San Diego

Churchill showing his famous
Churchill showing his famous

"Never, never, never give up" (Winston Churchill). These words describe Winston Churchill quite well, as his incredible fighting spirit has been used to this day as a role model of persistence and the willingness to never give up. Churchill began his life in November, 1874. Long before he became a leader, he started off his career as a soldier, eventually moving into the government as a member of Parliament. Having been in British government for over 60 years, Churchill has achieved many other important political positions such as First Lord of Admiralty, Chancellor, and eventually Prime Minister. Through his job as Prime Minister, Churchill became an integral part of stopping Germany during World War II. Even though his military expertise did help, much of the victory over the Germans can be contributed to his hero-like traits including how he rallied his people, how he cared for them, and how he ignored those who opposed him to do what he knew was right.

First, Churchill shows leadership through how he rallied his people through his speeches and books. One example can be found in his famous speech, "We will Fight Them on the Beaches": "...we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender..." (Winston Churchill). During the time of this speech, many Britons were losing hope in World War II and Britain because of how strong Germany was at the time. Through such strong words in his speech, many British men and women had enough motivation to keep on fighting instead of giving up because of the Germany's power.. Another example is the huge promises and sayings Churchill used to have people really trust him as a British citizen and as a person: "I would say to the House, as I said to those who have joined this government: 'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat'" (Winston Churchill). This speech shows how charismatic Churchill is, which is a huge trait for a leader. He showed everyone how he would give up everything for his country, which is a huge sign of overall affection for his people. Overall, Churchill showed leadership through how inspiring his speeches and his character were. All of this gave Britain the fighting spirit to keep butting heads against Germany and eventually winning the war overall.


Second, Churchill showed a lot of care through how he helped his people. One of the biggest things he did was going out to frequently help those in need, especially during the German raids. "Churchill regularly ventured out into the streets of London after (and sometimes during) air raids to tour bomb sites and offer moral support to the local residents" (Biography in Context). This is important because of how he was willing to sacrifice himself for others by going out during the air raids. Plus, he did it frequently in Britain and all over, wherever help was needed. "Churchill turned up everywhere. He defied air-raid alarms and went into the streets as the bombs fell. He toured RAF headquarters, inspected coastal defenses, and visited victims of the air raids. Everywhere he went he held up two fingers in a 'V for victory' salute" (World Book). This shows how often he helped people, "turning up everywhere" to help those in need. Overall, Churchill showed care through how he personally went to help those in need and how frequently he went to do it.

Third, Churchill is a amazing hero because of how he kept a level head and was naturally hardy through all the bickering and fighting every time something bad happened.. An example of this if after the government made a strategic mistake, causing Britain to lose a battle versus Germany and many men. "Casualties were heavy and outraged Britons unfairly held Churchill responsible" (Biography in Context). This shows how often Churchill was blamed because of how many opposed him, even if it wasn't even his fault. Fortunately, Churchill still continued to become one of the biggest heroes in World War II. "'History will forget his faults; it can never forget the indomitable, imperturbable spirit'" (Biography in Context). This shows the impression Churchill made on the world, even if he was shunned for mistakes and not forgiven for those he did make.

Churchill with other world leaders. ( (
Churchill with other world leaders. ( (

Overall, Churchill made a huge impact on Britain and the world. He is still considered a role model hero, leader, and British citizen to this day because of his hero-like traits. In other words, Churchill can be considered an amazing person as a whole because of his leadership traits, the care he openly shared with his people, and how unflinching he was to his goal and promises after making mistakes.

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