Walt Disney

by Andrea from Chicago

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them
Mickey and Walt Disney photo
Mickey and Walt Disney photo

Creators are known for their famous creations. This man named Walt Disney started out by drawing a mouse! Walt Disney who is my hero once had a vision, it was a vision of a place where children and parents could have fun together. The more Walt dreamed of a "magical park," the more imaginative and elaborate it became to him. Walt Disney was a person who had love in his drawings, who kept on trying to become the cartoonist he wanted to be known for. And for that, his dream came true having courage to pursue to whatever came his way.

What is a hero? A hero is someone you look up to, you admire them. They can have courage or an ability, brave deeds and noble qualities. Heroes aren't just people who have super powers like as we all know in movies. Walt Disney wanted everyone to have fun, not just kids. Their isn't an age where a person can stop having fun. He created lots of cartoonist characters..... Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and much more!

Through his childhood he lived in a farm in Marceline, Missouri, where he was mostly raised. His family was not the thing that got in his way of beginning his career, but what did was getting the whole thing started. His family didn't have much money which made him begin to sell his drawings to his neighbors. So to get started he went on to an art career to study art and photography. He was determined to do whatever he had to do to pursue his dream. Through his work I admire him for bringing joy and happiness to everyone.

In Greek there is a woman named Athena who was the goddess of wisdom, craft and strategies. She was the daughter of Zeus the favorite one. Athena was very talented. She was good at weaving, pottering, goldsmithing, sculpting, music, horse riding and inventing. She even invented the flute. When it came to war she gave great advice to others to win battles. Athena had a great friend who became her foe. Her name was Arachne. Arachne challenged Athena into seeing who could weave with having the best creations. Athena had won but Arachne was not satisfied so she offended Zeus into making him do something horrible. Which then Athena turn Arachne into a spider to weave webs for the rest of her life.

Thats how Walt Disney and Athena are compare. I can mostly express myself also. I also learned from this person/Greek how to never give up into whatever steps in my way. As for Walt he accomplished many of his dreams. He died in 1966, he purchased the land for Disney World in Florida, but he never lived to see it completed.

That's how Walt Disney is MY HERO!

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