Angels Heroes

Willie Gary

by Desmond from Pensacola

Mr. Willie Gary went from rags to riches when he started out as a migrant worker. Don't let the money fool you, oh, no! Mr. Gary is as rich as he is generous to those who are in need. If I could make him an Angel, he would be the Angel of tension because he has the skills to keep peace and harmony in the World. If I could make him a superhero, I would call him the mediator; he would have the ability to fly, be a re-programmer of minds, indestructible, cunning, have the ability to spot lying. His catch frame for them would be, "save it" and put them toward the back of the line to soul search themselves. He would most definitely be one my of most valuable assets to the White House if I were President.

Mr. Willie E. Gary is a prominent Attorney and Chairman of the Black Family Channel. He is a humble being, and often puts others and not himself upon a pedestal. Mr. Gary cares about citizens by contributing to the community. He has successfully created bossinesses and is using them to enhance the social needs of the community. He acted in Emergency Management, when he and some of his crew when to New Orleans to help rescue victims during Hurricane Katrina. No problem is too small, and money is no object for Mr. Gary; because he is the pillar of faith, he is a life saver who goes out of his way to save a life, he's a freedom fighter who stands up for justice and humanity for all people. Mr. Gary is a man of courage, a non-violent peace officer and a national hero. He has high regards for the values of this great country and civil rights issues. He uses the long handle of the law to fight unfairness and injustice. He has much in common with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the late Mrs. Rosa Parks. If I were to meet Mr. Willie E. Gary, I would have these things to say to him, "save it, and where's your cape"?

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