Angels Heroes


by Alex from South Dakota

I think that a hero is a person that is always there for you. They don't have to have super powers. They don't have to have boat loads of money, they don't have a plethora of anything. They have just have enough to be a great friend and always there when you need them. The person or persons are people that you would never hide anything from and no matter what happens they are there for you and anyone that needs a helping hand or a listening ear. This person is there for you. A hero knows no cliches they talk to anyone and everyone regardless.

My hero is Wendy, she is the kind of person that is always there for you and you could always talk to regardless of time. There were times when I would call her and just talk and we would talk about anything or everything for however long I wanted to. Wendy has been a sister to me.

There were times when all I needed was a listening ear and a caring heart an I would give her a call whenever me and my girlfriend at the time would get into an argument or anything. I would call or text her and he would always somehow make it all better.

Yet another reason that my dear Wendy is my hero is because she does not just look out for certain people, she looks out for everyone. We were at a get together with a bunch of people and a girl was having doubts about her and her boyfriend and was wondering if she still had feelings for her ex and Wendy talked to her and calmed her down and made her realize that she didn't have feelings for her ex and she really liked her current boyfriend and that girl is still dating him to this day.

All these reasons plus many others that are quite similar are the reasons why Wendy is my hero. That is my reasoning for Wendy being my hero. She is a best friend and the nicest person i know. She is always there for everyone. I don't know what you would consider a hero but this is what i consider a hero and she is all that plus.

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