The Wright Brothers

by Josh

The Wright brothers invented the airplane.Wilbur and OrvIlle Wright are heroes to many people. They inspired me to try and never give up.They also inspired me to invent stuff. People still use their inventions.

Orville was born in Dayton, Ohio, on August 19, 1871. Wilbur was born in MillviIle, Indiana on April 16, 1867. They had high school educations.They had a really big family, their dad was Milton and their mom was Susan. They had a sister and two brothers.The Wright brothers skipped a lot of school to work on their inventions.

An obstacle for the Wrights was when Orville had an accident. His hockey accident was a concussion. An influence for the Wrights was their mom who could build and fix anything. She influenced them to build the airplane. They kept trying and trying to build the airplane. They kept trying and trying to make an airplane until they succeeded. They never gave up until they succeeded.

The Wright Brothers most famous accomplishment is the first airplane. It is there most important accomplishment because it lets people get around the world. Before they made the airplane they owned a newspaper and bike shop. When Orville died, Wilbur invented a machine that made perfect toast.

WILBUR and ORVILLE showed two character traits the first one is team work. They showed teamwork because they never argued and they agreed on a lot of things. The second character trait is determined. They were determined until they succeeded.

My heroes influenced me to invent lots of things. An example of my inventions is a lego model airplane. Another thing is a model fighter jet. The Wright Brothers plans did not always work. My models did not always work either. They influence me to never give up and to keep trying.

The Wright Brothers changed the world when they invented the airplane. They invented things that affected lots of people's lives. Because of the airplane to get around the world. The Wright Brothers started the airplane industry. If they will still alive they would be billionaires because of their important inventions. They are my heroes because they influence me to be an inventor!

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