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Yuri Gagarin

by Sasha from Nanjing

My hero is Gagarin. He is from Russia. When he was little he dreamed about going to space. His teacher was a Soviet pilot.

He was the first man that went in to space. He went into space in April 12, 1961. His spaceship was called Vostko1. He was the first man to orbit Earth and it took him 108 minutes. He was the first man to speak in space. His family felt scared about him going to space. He went by himself to space.

Gagarin going to space (
Gagarin going to space (

After he went into space he did not want to be famous. He was a really good RISK-TAKER!!!!

This person is important to me because he is Russian. I like Russia because I am from Russia. He was killed. After he was killed there was a place on the moon called Gagarin.

These are some things I can do to be more like my hero. He is a risk-taker because he went in to space. So I need to be a risk-taker by trying scary stuff like riding or roller-coasters.

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