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by Stasa from Trnovo, Slovenia

Fighting the cancer and never giving up...

Our friend Zdenka is my hero because before she died she was fighting for her life. When she was sixty years old she had cancer. She wasn’t talking about her cancer. Therefore we were not aware of her illness. We saw each other every weekend and every weekend she was more pale and weak. Then came the day when we saw each other for the last time. This day she came to me and sad that no matter what happens I can’t give up in I must go forward. I didn’t understand her words and I didn’t understand on what she suggested. Next morning my mum woke me up and told to me sad news. She told me our friend was in the hospital, because she had a cancer for a long time and was hit by a stroke as well. When I found out this news I remembered the words she told me the previous day. I hoped and wished for Zdenka to get well. For many hours Zdenka was in the hospital, she was fighting for her life, and lost the battle. She closed her eyes for ever. Later my mother said her life sadly ended. I was scared and shocked. I have chosen her as my hero because she never gave up and she was fighting for her life. She was courageous, friendly, honest and hearted person.

Staša, from Slovenia – Primary School Trnovo

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