Anne Frank

by Kayleigh from Webb City

My definition of hero is someone you might want to pattern your life after. It is also someone who is worthy of respect. A hero is also someone who can set their needs aside and put another person's needs first.

Anne Frank is a hero in many ways. The reason someone might want to pattern their life after her, is because she was very outspoken and very smart. She didn't let the terrible circumstances get her down( ). She made the best of the situation she had been given, while the whole time she was dreaming of how she could change things for the better( ).

She is also a person who is worthy of respect, because she didn't let anything get her down while she was in the concentration camps( ). She always fought for her life and for everybody elses( ). Even though she died, by staying true to what she believed she didn't let the enemy beat her, even though they killed her( ).

She put other's needs before her own. When they were in hiding she had to share a room with a grown man who she didn't like and she had to give up her friends and her school, but she did it gladly to try to save her family( ).

Anne Frank is definently a person that i look up to. She was very strong and loved during these hard times( ). Even though she died, she died with courage and respect for the many people around her. She was only a child, but 57 years later we all know her name and know who she is because she made such an impact in the world and in each one of our lives. She may have only been 15 in life, but she had more wisdom in those 15 years, than most people have in a full lifetime.

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