Multimedia Library: Films

The MY HERO Screening Room hosts inspiring documentary, experimental, animated and narrative short films from across the globe. This online library features hundreds of compelling short films produced by students, professionals and community members that highlight heroes from all walks of life. The films are freely viewed online in classrooms, community centers and homes around the world.
Our archive of socially conscious films provides a unique resource for teachers who want to enhance their curricula with dynamic, child-friendly media. The short films touch upon a wide range of social and historical topics. Whether in the form of an environmental film combining NASA satellite imagery with breathtaking original music, or a touching animated short about a South African girl living with AIDS, the films on MY HERO captivate and educate in equal measure.
Seva Origins
We Sing Out
Curt Lowens: A Life of Change
Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Hands Up Don't Shoot