Jonathan Feinn, Carlos Rey School in Albuquerque, New Mexico
I want you to know how much the children and I have enjoyed participating in the MY HERO project. I'm very pleased with their commitment and I feel they have gained a great deal from this experience. Thank all of you connected with this endeavor; it's a terrific learning experience.

Timothy Dennis , Xiamen International School, China
The ease of use was a godsend for teachers, both as a resource for written examples, and ideas for student projects. We used the newswire for current events, tied our poetry writing to poets featured on the site, and practiced analyzing written work. Thank you so much, what a wonderful project this has been!
Lyudmila Gilyova , Lyceum of Information
Technologies, Ukraine

The students have learned to communicate on the forum platform, upload text, images to build a webpage. I like everything.

Galina Smirnova , R.A. Naumov
Secondary School No.13, Russia

A new way of discovering global collaboration and an opportunity to tell the world about the person our students admire. Everything is excellent. Thank you very much for your patience and help.

Cornelia Platon , Alexandru Papiu Ilarian
Highschool Dej, Romania

Storytelling: it is important for developing their writing and reading skills, also for developing their ability of researching information for a specific purpose I consider it works just perfect and I appreciate the fact that the materials made by students are evaluated before being approved. Thank you for the opportunity of participating in this wonderful project.
Fatemeh Nikui Nezhad , Farzanegan High School, Kashan, Iran
Heroes help us define, develop and live by the values of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, joy and peace. MY HERO PROJECT provided my lovely students with the big chance of thinking about their heroes and why they are their heroes. They identified heroic characteristics and what it means to be a hero. Moreover, they developed internet research skills as well as writing skills. Thanks to the outstanding facilitators and managers of this wonderful project, my students could design a web page for their heroes to honor them and publish their writing to the international audience of MY HERO . We are extremely grateful to all My Hero staff for their help and kindness.