Angelina Jolie

by Brianna from Wyoming

My hero is Angelina Jolie. I chose her because an inspiring woman like her would be interesting. My hero helps the sick and homeless in places like Cambodia and Ethiopia. A hero like Angelina is someone who cares and wants to make a difference in the world. Anyone can be a hero, like a mom, a dad, and even you!

Angelina Jolie is a caring person because she helps people and adopts children. She travels all over the world helping women, men, and, most of all, children. Angelina is the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Angelina Jolie puts so much of her time and love into helping families every day.

Some personal info about her is that she has many tattoos. Those include a dragon and an “H” to represent her brother James Haven. Another thing is that she has been married and divorced twice. Her first husband was Jonny Lee Miller. Her second marriage was to Billy Bob Thornton. Her wedding was on May 5, 2000.

Angelina has many traits of a hero. She is inspiring, smart and talented. She is also ambitious, caring, and helpful. I think that she is talented because she has time to take a break from the spotlight and help those less fortunate.

Angelina Jolie has had many goals, such as becoming an actress, adopting, and helping people every day. She really cares about the world.

Even heroes have life struggles. When Angelina was a year old, her dad Jon Voight walked out on her and her mom. She also struggles every day to keep her private life private. She struggles to make the world a better place for her kids and everyone else.

Overall, Angelina Jolie is an inspirational young woman whose talents help families every day. She is a person who should be remembered forever. That is why I chose a wonderful person like her for my hero.

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