Alex Mathias

by Dylan from Peterborough

Alex Mathias and his wife, Mary Carol Hill<br>Photo from
Alex Mathias and his wife, Mary Carol Hill
Photo from

My hero would probably have to be Alex Mathias. Alex is an Ojibawe who lives in Obabika, Ontario on his unceded land, Sabi family territory, and is the caretaker of the land's encompassing Spirit important Ojibwe spiritual site. He moved back to his land from Bear Island Reserve on Lake Temagami where his land offers a great start to hunting grounds.

Lately though, he's been travelling around Ontario trying to get people involved in stopping the government logging the old growth forest up in Obabika as it is the last stand of old growth white pine in the world. He has been fighting this for a while now, and has been put through a lot of hardship as his wife just died two years ago, but he still lives with his wife's daughter Carollee.

Old Misabi's cooking wigwam at Obabika<br>Photo from
Old Misabi's cooking wigwam at Obabika
Photo from

I had the privilege of spending my sixth birthday up at his house. We had beaver that i trapped with him. He is my hero because he impacted my life by fighting his causes and going through all these hard ships. I also think that any one going through hard times and getting through it and going on in life is a hero.

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