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Amelia Earhart: Young Air Pioneer

By Jane Moore Howe, Harold Underdown (Editor)

Publisher: Patria Press, Incorporated, April 1999
ISBN: 1882859022
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
Did you know that Amelia Earhart built a roller coaster, rescued neighbors from an angry dog, narrowly averted a high-speed sledding disaster -- and all before she graduated from eighth grade? Get the details on these and other childhood adventures of the famous aviator in this new "story-ography" for young readers ages 8-12. Originally published in 1950, now re-designed with new illustrations and cover, this first volume of the Young Patriots Series brings the young Amelia to life as children discover that this great American heroine of aviation was a kid too! Period illustrations capture the action -- including Amelia in her first pair of bloomers!
User Reviews:
Molly McKeown | 10/31/2009 5:45 AM
where can i buy the book on tape Amelia Earhart

You can buy the book on CD from any of the major online bookstores.

-- The MY HERO Library Staff

Geraldine | 10/18/2009 10:00 AM
Hi im Geraldine, This book is interesting to read that is why i pick it to write a biography at school  
Amelia Earhart inspired me to do men stuff  we have the  ability to do what men can do we have the rights to do what men can do because of this book a woman tries to do men stuff.
| 2/20/2008 6:58 AM
I think this is a very good book because I am doing Amelia Earhart as my hero
karkar | 4/24/2007 12:28 AM
This book helped me so much i got an a yayayayay

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