An Angel

by Emili from Burley, Idaho

One day a family wanted to give her daughter a brother so one day the mom said that the little girl was going to be a big sister. The little girl was so happy to be an older sister and the little girl was tired of playing alone so she was as happy as her parents so a few months passed and the mom was 2 or 3 months and she started to not feel good so she goes to the doctor and she had to be in bed rest for a couple months and the mom did everything she was told. Then those couple of months passed and she got to walk around and do her normal things like walk around. Then the mom got to the five months and she got to know what the baby was, so the mom, dad and little sister were excited to know what it was. And they finally found out what it was going to be and the little girl was going to have a baby brother so they were really excited to have a boy in the family. Then the mom got to six months and the same thing happened where she wasn't feeling good. She again went to the doctor and when she went to the doctor things changed. The doctor said that the mom could probably lose the baby and the little girl remembers the tears of pain the mom had and how sad the little girl's parents were and even the girl was sad but the doctor said that to help prevent it would be for the mom to be in bed rest again so the mom did, so she could have the baby, but the mom couldn't do anything, couldn't get up for nothing. The family would make food and the dad and the little girl would take the food and go to the mom's room. And the mom was so excited to have the baby that they knew what they wanted to name the baby and then the mom was able to do her normal things but then time passed and the baby was growing and it was the mom's due date and the time passed and the mom was just struggling to keep the baby. The mom would go to the emergency room so much that year and every time they kept going the chance of her to lose the baby would grow and the pain for the family would grow and one day the dad made a religious decision and he changed the name to Guadalupe, which in the Catholic faith is something strong, and the dad promised to name him that and the mom got two nice months and she had the baby and it was a miracle that he was born but in the process of him coming to live he couldn't breathe. All the nurses took him and gave oxygen and he was struggling and the mom and dad were so scared but when the mom had a chance to breathe he was so tiny. That miracle was 5 pounds, he was so tiny, and like every baby he was a joy but when he was growing up he was struggling and the mom started to notice he wasn't doing what normal little kids did so the mom took him to the doctor and noticed that he had Autism and it was a big stress and brought the whole family down and the baby had to learn lots of things. For example, he had to learn how to crawl and that was a big struggle and with lots of days of therapy and then he struggled and the next step is to walk and more therapy and it was hard for him and learn to walk but the doctor said that he probably would never talk and the whole family learned he would never talk and he would get sick and he would always get sick and need many surgeries. He was a different person and after 8 years he finally got to talk and that little boy taught me to love and to show you can do whatever you want and also never give up and the most important thing would be that he would always be happy, no matter what. For example when you are at the hospital that little boy would be laughing and that's the most important thing. That's why he is hero.

The way I will be remembered is faithful, beautiful, bossy, dependent and giving. I would want people to remember me that way and think about me that way. I would love for people to know there are things about me when I die.

I want my family to think about me is that I gave it my all in life and also I loved to gave to people and always had a smile and loved to spend time with family and wanted to spend every moment with the family. I think I would make a big different in society because I would know a lot of ladies and guys that I would do their hair and get them really pretty. The values I would have are i would have my strong faith with me being a Catholic and i would want to do things right with my faith and my religion. The values i would have would be really respectful and cared for. I would think my friends would be proud of me and of all the things I have done in my life and my friends know how hard I worked for the things I wanted in life and how I've grown as a responsible woman with good values and wonderful faith.

How my friends would remember me would be for me a responsible woman and how I didn't want to do anything but always laughing for everything and smile for everything and would always be the short one out of all the others and we all laugh at it.

Will people be quoting your life as an example? i think they will just because i think i will be a big example of why you can be whatever you want in life. I want for people to think of me for how i changed the world.


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