Multimedia Library: Virtual Art Gallery

The MY HERO GALLERY promotes creativity and global understanding by giving students and emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit original, hero-themed art in an international educational online journal. Artworks submitted reflect our cross-cultural and cross-generational audience of hero artists.

All media is represented and collaborative art works such as murals are encouraged. Professional artists participate and inspire the next generation to engage in community-minded artistic expression.

By using the MY HERO GALLERY in the classroom, teachers can supplement language arts, social studies and visual arts curricula through the exploration of heroism. Students are introduced to art and communication skills by participating in the online MY HERO GALLERY.
Mandela by Elizabeth Healey
Maude Abbott by Kayla L from Fieldcrest Elementary in Ontario, Canada
Raise Your Voice! by Shepard Fairey
Courtesy Obey Art
African Woman
by Fary Sakho from Senegal
XRay by Nathan Sawaya
Courtesy www.thebrickartist.com