Bill Zitter

by Lauren from Huntington

I think my hero is Bill Zitter. He is my neighbor, but I call him Uncle Bill because I have known him since I was a baby. He lives in Huntington, West Virginia in a nice house on top of a hill. He is great and totally down to earth. He really cares about the environment and loves animals.

On most of the weekends Uncle Bill will stand on the side of the street and pick up trash until it’s all gone. He also mows the grass by the street to make it look, good and it works!

Uncle Bill is also an Emergency House Call Doctor. He has saved many lives and helped a lot of people. He inspires me, and I love it! He has been a doctor ever since I can remember.

Uncle Bill is my hero, and I think he is the best in the whole world. Who is your hero? Is your hero like Uncle Bill?

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