Character Trait | Perseverance

Tenacity for a singularly important goal in the face of difficulties, failure or opposition.

Character Trait: Perseverance
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Perseverance is demonstrated by heroes from across the globe in these featured films, art and stories. The tenacity for a singularly important goal in the face of difficulties is at the core of the character trait of perseverance. Meet remarkable heroes through these films, art and stories, and create a dialogue with your students on the importance of practicing perseverance in our daily lives.


Rachel Carson by Roberty Shetterly, AWTT.org

By: Robert Shetterly

Carson worked hard to raise awareness of the environmental and health risks caused by chemicals.

Claudette Colvin

By: Robert Shetterly

A portrait of the brave, young African-American girl who would not give up her bus seat in 1955.

John Lewis by Robert Shetterly, AWTT.org

By: Robert Shetterly

The House of Representatives member was a civil rights leader and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


These short film represent heroes who stick with their goals against all odds to accomplish their dreams. Enjoy!

Made in Madras

Mohit Arora, Aishwarya Ashok, Shikha Kumari
Made in Madras is the story of an 18-year-old soccer player, Sangeetha, who lives on the streets of Madras (aka Chennai).

Portraits of Perseverance

Produced by:Anson Schloat / John G. Young
These amazing kids of character show great strength in Perseverance.

Bullets to Books (Excerpt)

Produced by:Andy Truschinski, Gail Prensky, Sean MacLaughlin
A film exploring The Jüdische Kulturbund Project and the critical importance of peace in South Sudan.


Produced by:Anson Schloat and John G. Young
Liz Murray overcomes her difficult childhood to win a scholarship to go to college.


Heroic Virtues: Self-Sacrifice and Perseverance

By: Abigail Lim

Nujood Ali, Desmond Doss, Valery Legasov, and Benjamin Clark exhibit the character traits of self-sacrifice and perseverance.

Michael Jordan

By: Elijah Lee

Michael Jordon was cut from the high school basketball team twice, before becoming a high-ranking NBA player.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By: Claire

Ginsburg, whose mother died on the day of her high school graduation, is the second-ever female Supreme Court Justice.

Terry Fox

By: Natalie Jessie

Terry Fox was an amputee who ran 3,339 miles across Canada to raise money for cancer research.

Eva Haller

By: Jeanne Meyers

Eva Haller is a Hungarian American philanthropist and activist who lost her brother during the Holocaust.

Stories with Text and Audio so Students can Listen as they Read Along. Great for ESL/ELL Students

Nelson Mandela by Muhammad Ali

By: Muhammad Ali

Read boxing legend Muhammad Ali's essay on his hero, Nelson Mandela, who fought apartheid in South Africa.

Ruby Nell Bridges

By: Madison

One of the most important heroes in the fight against segregation in America was a six-year-old girl, Ruby Nell Bridges.

MY HERO Character Series

Resources for Character Education

By: Becky Miller

The MY HERO Character Series: Resources on Compassion, Courage, Kindness, Perseverance, Forgiveness and Social Justice.

We honor those who have faced adversity and who have shown perseverance. Please share your story about a hero you know who shows the power of perseverance. 

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Credit: MY HERO

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