Resources for Character Education

Teachers: Use MY HERO Multimedia Resources to Explore Character Traits and the Heroes that Demonstrate these Values

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Character | Compassion

By: MY HERO Staff
COMPASSION is the sympathetic concern for someone else's pain or misfortune, with the desire to help. Learn about compassion through the examples of heroes.

Character Trait | Courage

By: MY HERO Staff
The MY HERO Character Series. Learn more about courage through the examples of heroes.

Character | Forgiveness

By: MY HERO Staff
The ability to release feelings of resentment or revenge towards those who have wronged you. Learn about forgiveness through the examples of heroes.

Character | Kindness

By: MY HERO Staff
The MY HERO Character series. Learn more about kindness through heroes.

Character Trait | Perseverance

By: Staff
Tenacity for a singularly important goal in the face of difficulties, failure or opposition.

Character Trait Social Justice

By: Xenia Shin
Embodying fair and just relations between the individual and society

Character Lesson Plans & Essay - Join our Discussion

Heroic Virtues Forum
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Lesson Plan: How Should We Choose Our Heroes?
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Social Justice

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About Character Day

Let it Ripple Character Day Resources

By: Laura Nietzer
Let it Ripple Character Day: September 27-28
Character Day Sign up
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