Angels Heroes


by Marco Lukaszka from Seclin in France

133578ChristianUSB keyFor me a hero is a model on whom we should take example, as a celebrity or someone of our family like a father for me. A hero must be very important for us someone who must help us overcome difficulties or to be courageous in difficult moments. A hero may be someone unknown but who has done something incredible, who fought for some or who saved a person's life. It's this a hero for me.

My hero is my father called Christian. He was is 55 years old. I know it's not very young. He is an engineer for Renault and works in Douai. And he's French.

When I was very young, my parents and I went to the mountains, I don't remember where but we were somewhere up a mountain. However, at some point I decided to run fast. Except that I could not stop and I was getting close to the edge of the precipice ! My father ran to catch me and he managed to grab me at the last minute. One second later I would have been dead. He was so afraid about this experience and I know why.

My father is the bravest and the more courageous father in the world because he saved my life (it's not really a quality but it's important) and he loves his family and his children. That's why he saved my life.

I selected him because he saved my life, He's my daily hero. He helps my sister and brothers or me to do homework after his job. Even the week-ends he does things in the garden or in a house. He has no rest. And it's my father and I love him.

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