Doctors without Borders

by Jeanne Le Bigot from Caen in France

I decided to choose the Doctors Without Borders as my heroes, so I will tell you about them, their heroism and also why I admire them.

Doctors Without Borders are my heroes because they are really involved in what they do. Indeed, they travel all around the world to help people living in bad conditions with no resources, in developing countries. Doctors Without Borders contribute to the well-being of people and give them hope in a positive way. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives to heal the world and for me it proves that they are true heroes. They are committed, daring, brave, helpful, courageous and on the top of that they are fearless. Indeed, these heroes bring medical care to people and populations living in countries at war. Moreover, they also get involved in various issues like famine.

I admire them because even if sometimes it must be difficult, they do their best and they keep their self-control. When I think about what they do, I'm so proud of them because they save people every day and they remind me that we all can do something to help the others. Doctors without Borders are not recognized enough by our society and I think it would be interesting to hear more about them and their achievements. Most of the time we don't know their names but for me it doesn't mean that they don't change the world. They inspire me and I would like to do the same because we all know that we could be involved in something like that. Also I would like to thank them because they are incredible and so talented ! Maybe one day, these heroes will be really honoured by the entire world and it will be the greatest thing for them. I think they all are so humble : for them it's just their duty but for me, they represent a lot of qualities and they have to know that.

They are not only humanitarians doing their jobs, they are Doctors Without Borders, they are my heroes. We have to give them a chance to be in the spotlights ! 

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