Dr. Steven Kopits

by Kelly Tomison from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in United States

Dr. Steven Kopits is the pure definition of a HERO to the Little People of America and changing the face of dwarfism.

151554Dr. Steven Kopits and his treasured patientsKAE KLT151553Dr. Steven Kopits & Jennifer EllefsonKLTDr. Kopits was instrumental in saving my sister's life many times over. He specialized in dwarfism patients. My sister Jennifer Kay Ellefson at 13yrs old was 36in tall. From the age of two to 13 Dr. Kopits preformed over 200+ hours of surgeries. He was an amazing talented man with an incredible hand picked staff, they all made each and every patient feel special and important.  I remember as a kid he flew in on a helicopter and preformed emergency surgery on our kitchen table to save my sister. Jennifer passed at 13yrs old on 10/18/1989 due to complication going under anesthesia, C-spine surgery with halo cast. I know it crushed Dr. Kopits, I was there. He loved all of his patients 

When I heard of his death in 2002 due to a brain tumor at 65yrs young there was a void in my heart. The world lost one the greatest Orthopedic surgeons passionate for the Little People and helping dwarfism specifically. 


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I'm simply the sibling of a Morquios patient who lived in Colorado while my parent and sister spent the greater ten + years at Johns Hopkins so that Jennifer would have a chance for the best life possible. Jennifer Kay Ellefson 1976-1989.

Dr. Kopits gave her hope and a plan to have a future.