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Amelia Earhart

by Hannah from Vermont

Amelia Earhart in her flying outfit ( index.cfm?nodeID=515)
Amelia Earhart in her flying outfit ( index.cfm?nodeID=515)

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

I think that a hero has many good qualities, such as determination, a sense of adventure, and bravery. To me, a hero is someone who is determined to show or do something. They want to show people that they can do anything, no matter what. Amelia Earhart is a hero to me because she showed people, especially women, that they could do anything that they really wanted, and she wasn't going to give up. When women were not allowed to do things that men were allowed to do, such as fly a plane, Amelia Earhart changed that; she didn't stop trying until she did it. Amelia did that by showing determination, her adventurous ways, and a lot of courage.

First, Amelia Earhart showed she was a true hero by her determination. Her determination was so strong that she accomplished most of her goals. When Amelia was young, she very much wanted to take flying lessons. Her father said, "No," and that's what made her so determined to take lessons. She saved up and took those lessons. When she was first flying, she wanted to make sure that women knew that they could do anything that men could do and that they should do the things that they wanted. As Amelia got better at flying, she was determined to fly over the Atlantic alone as the first woman. Amelia Earhart was determined to show women that they could do anything that they wanted to do. All they needed to do was show determination and courage.

Not only did Amelia Earhart show determination, but also bravery. Her mother helped show her that she had all that courage in her. Amelia went to many fairs that had plane shows. During one of the shows she was watching, the stunt pilot got bored with just flying, so he flew right at the audience. Everyone moved except Amelia. She was amazed with planes. She got better and better at flying planes and decided to try and fly around the world. She knew how dangerous it was and that she might never come back. I think that shows bravery. Another dream of hers was to fly alone across the Atlantic. No woman had ever done that yet. She did that with a lot of determination and courage. Her dream of being the first woman to fly over the Atlantic came true.

I think that Amelia wasn't just brave, but she was very adventurous. She wasn't afraid to play with boys. She was always a tomboy. She liked to go out and do boy things. She didn't care much about girl things. She liked to take risks. She took a risk by trying to fly over the Atlantic. I think that shows that she was adventurous. She took flying lessons. Wow! Not many girls took flying lessons, but Amelia did. I think that she was very adventurous.

Amelia smiling ( library/96jul/earhart.html)
Amelia smiling ( library/96jul/earhart.html)

Amelia Earhart is a hero to me because of all of her qualities. I think that it was cool that she could do what she loved most and also show women that they could do anything. I think that Amelia was a great hero. I also think that determination, bravery, and her adventurous ways helped her become a true hero. When we hear about Amelia's disappearance, we should all remember how great she was. To me, Amelia Earhart is a true hero.

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