Bujar Luma
Executive Director
Center for Balkan Cooperation Tetovo, Macedonia

MY HERO has a very effective platform/tool to work in post-conflict, ethnically-mixed areas and communities; and through its activities has fostered debates on important issues of our society... the project has generated positive energy and has contributed to reestablishing trust in areas where ethnic communities were divided... Promoting values and animating people with the idea of heroism, we have succeeded in moving attention from things that divided to the things that unite different community members.

Marinta Skupin
Curator of Education, Laguna Art Museum

I have been an admirer of The MY HERO Project ever since I learned about its existence upon arriving in Laguna Beach in 2012. I have been particularly impressed by how effectively it enables students to use media and technology in the process of identifying and learning about inspirational role models.

It is therefore with great excitement that I look forward to the first opportunity for collaboration between Laguna Art Museum and The MY HERO Project.

The MY HERO Project will be an extremely valuable addition to our list of partners, especially since it will offer visitors the ideal opportunity for hands-on engagement with technology while learning about heroes in art.

Andrés Sierra
Educator, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Sometimes we are not aware, or conscious of the great impact this project has in our lives, but our students often remind us how positive this experience was for them. We are still receiving e-mails from students that already graduated from school, who participated in The MY HERO Project some years ago, thanking us for the great experience and telling us how inspiring and fulfilling the whole process was, meeting people from around the globe and exchanging experiences.

For me, it has been an incredibly motivating and inspiring experience too. The whole process is so rich and well organized. I thank all the MY HERO team for putting so much effort in making this happen. YOU ARE MY HEROES!!!”