God called, she answered

Emily Rae Paul

by Brandy Barlow from Bennettsville , South Carolina in United States

152076My daughter is my heroBrandy Barlow My daughter, Emily Rae Paul, tragically passed away on October 3, 2019 due to a car accident while on her way to school. Emily was a very active, healthy young 15 year old. Me and her father decided to donate Emily's organs. We were able to donate her heart, both kidneys, and her liver as well as her joints and skin from her back for burn patients. A lady in Virginia received her heart and left kidney. The amazing part of this story is the lady was on a heart pump for 14 years. Emily had just turned 15, two weeks before she passed. I believe with all my heart that my daughter was born for this special lady. I've gotten to meet this lady and was able to listen to her heart beat with a stethoscope. It was a very emotional but beautiful moment for me. Her heart beat sounded the same as it did when my baby was living.

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