Environmental Film Selections for Elementary Students

Students watch a selection of curated films from the MY HERO Multimedia Library to enhance learning at home and school. 

The Ocean We Want To Know

Produced by:Macgillivray Freeman Films

One World One Ocean's new animated video celebrates the wonders of the ocean with stunning facts about our connection to the planet's lifeline.

127 Marine Conservation Zones

Produced by:by Chris Smyth

127 is an important number for marine life .

Rainforest Fable

Produced by:Cassidy Hancock, Breanna Meneses

Claymation PSA on the importance of saving world's rainforests. (5th grade Fieldcrest Elementary School, Canada)

Slater Meets her Hero: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Produced by:Wendy Milette & Jeanne Meyers

Slater visits Catalina Island to learn from her environmental hero Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Olivia's Birds and the Oil Spill

Produced by:Lynne Cherry

Young Olivia loves birds, and creates over 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.

My Haggan Dream

Rob Sams, Laura Sams

On the island of Saipan, a young girl's dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home.

Sultana Call to Action

Produced by:Madeline Gullim

Madeline Gillum's 6th Grade Class at Sultana Elementary created this video through the MY HERO / iEARN Learning Circles

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Laguna Beach Tidepools

Produced by:The MY HERO Project

The Laguna Ocean Foundationinforms the public about the precious natural resource of tidepool ecosystems.

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How to use MY HERO's Create Program to Publish Stories, Art, Film and Audio for Students

Tutorial for students: Publish written stories, film, original artwork and audio in MY HERO's multimedia library.

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