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steve fossett

by Omar Forrest

Steve Fossett (• )
Steve Fossett (• )

Steve Fossett was born, Jackson, Tenn., Apr. 22, 1944.

He is most known for his feat of being the first person to do a solo ring around the world, at the equator, in balloon. This feat took him many years.

Some other lesser known feats are numerous ballooning records, dozen sailing (yachting) records, marks in airplane flying, glider flying, And long-distance cross-country skiing. He swam the English Channel in 1985, finished the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska in 1992, finished the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii in 1996, and drove in the Le Mans, 24-hour Grand Prix auto race, in 1998

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He just finished his newest feat, being the first person to do a solo flight around the world. (March 3) The closest anyone came to this was a couple of people who did the first around the world flight with two people, one sleeping while the other one was the pilot

He is my hero because he brave and he aspires not to give up no matter how long it takes and h does a lot of unusual things


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