Dr. Deng Diing is a Certified Educator; a Business, Economic, and Education Specialist; a former child soldier; a holocaust, six-month hunger stricken, 14-year in despair in refugee camp survivor. A master in motivating, inspiring, and empowering audiences to be resilient and prizewinners.  A father of eleven orphans has had a life full of odds and obstacles. A former refugee, lost boy, holocaust survivor who has earned five American college degrees. For over 16 years of teaching in American schools, for the same years of working with refugees and immigrants and their host communities in America, he knows all and experiences the most power of education and impacts on life. The mindset of a child, or an adult who once has had struggles in life, wants education but rejects all that affects his own life, but just doesn’t know that struggling in life means a road to a victory in life. But Dr. Deng does know all after surviving and living the life of

  • Escaping massive genocidal killing in his village
  • Separating from his parents at age 8
  • Walking for enormous distances and thousands of miles in search for his safety
  • Surviving an over six-month journey without eating food
  • Surviving the wild animals, Sahara deserts, and wild rivers
  • Becoming a child soldier at age 9 and joining the war at age 15
  • Living in hunger stricken refugee camps for more than 14 years
  • Being involved in car and bicycle accident within seven days of his arrival in America
  • Working two full-time jobs and a full-time school

Is there anything beyond these one would imagine greater ahead, and if you would be resilient and become prize-winning focused, you can have the life you deserve and need. He now specializes in changing, motivating, inspiring, and empowering children and his audience to discover that survival and struggles are a road to a victory and so they use their inner POWER and PERSEVERANCE to ascend to the next level in their education, career, relationships, lives, and self-led to a better future. Dr. Deng emulates how a next level of struggling people with a tough life live and become a Victorious after being struggled and broken. He believes if a survivor like him could have a next level mindset of struggling and winning, then others can struggle and make next level commitments to a victory, and create next level of PERSEVERANCE, it is ultimately resulting in next level victory in life.


God in Trinity, My Life Savers

by Dr. Deng Diing from Rocky Mount, North Carolina in United States

"The body feeds on man's words. Where those words are life-giving, they are health-producing."   Catherine Ponder


142765My Picture Taken in 1987MyselfHey, I am Dr. Deng Diing and am a survivor, an educator, a leader, and a speaker. I have over 16 years of experience in Education, and about the same years of progressive leadership and management experience in community, nonprofit sectors, and public speaking.

I was born on July 24, 1979, in Makuach Village in Aweil, South Sudan. I am the first born son of Diing Diing Akec (my father) and Ajok Athian Mayuen (my mother). My parents were farmers and livestock keepers. I had ten siblings: four boys and six girls in my family. Today, my three sisters, the mother and I are alive. My father, two brothers and two sisters were killed in the hidden genocide in Sudan. One sister and brother died of natural causes.

From the age of about seven to eight, I was subject to brutal attacks and killings in my villages by the Arab-militias and Islamic Government of Sudan. I survived several attacks and eventually escaped the last one that could have taken my life. The last attack on my village separated me from my family. As a youngster, I ran and walked day and night searching for my safety.

On the narrow edge of fortunate, I met my kin uncles who also escaped attacks and killings in their villages. I joined them and walked along with them to Ethiopia. While walking for thousands of miles to Ethiopia, I witnessed thousands of people included my little brother suffer and die of severe hunger, wild animals, thirst, dehydration or fatigue, illness and exhaustion. There were many other people died while we were crossing rivers. Without knowing that I would survive or die ahead, I walked in the wild bushes and deadly deserts, not sure where I was going, following adult groups for many mothers. More often, I fainted and fell down as the results of walking for months without food and drinking water. I never knew that I would rise up again. The glory of God and angels treated me with the power of singing in my mind. I rose up from the death.

We survived and battled chronic hunger, illnesses, and exhaustion and arrived in Punyidu Refugee Camp, Ethiopia in 1987. We thought that our lives would possibly change in the camp, but life had no difference from over our half-year journey. We spent many months in a refugee camp without food. Again, many people suffered from, and died of, severe stomach churning or diarrhea, sever famine, and outbreak diseases. I survived chronic stomach churning, famine, and major illnesses. Thanks to the Glory of the Lord, Jesus Christ, my Savior. We began to reestablish a life again, but tough times were still ahead to happen.

In May 1991, all refugees including me were forced to leave Punyidu Camp at gunpoint. We were attacked and chased away by the rebels of Ethiopia who overthrown our hosting government. We ran back to the border in Sudan, which became deadly journey in which thousands of people died while crossing the River Gilo. God in Trinity saved my life. I managed to across this river. We walked for many miles and in dangerous deserts across the borders of Sudan into Kenya.

Through God’s powers, I survived nearly 2000 miles of walking from Sudan to Ethiopia, returned from Ethiopia back to Sudan and from Sudan to Kenya. I was seeking a refuge from the hidden holocaust, hungry, frightened and weakened by sleeplessness and disease. I became a child soldier, joined the war, and survived battle at the frontline.

Fortunately, I was among over 30,000 children between 5 and 17 years of age who separated from their families, who trekked enormous walks, distances over a vast unforgiving wilderness, and finally arrived in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya in 1992. In the camp, I was admitted to the hospitals four times due to chronic anemia, malaria, typhoid, and dreadful hunger. Nobody knew that I would be alive again, but God in Trinity had once again risen me from the death. Life continued in hard ways, but God was and is always my only hope, protector, and savior.

After living in the refugee camps for 14 years in despair, I was finally granted refugee asylum to come to America. I arrived to America in 2001. I thought I had finally come to a safe haven. No doubt and I did. Unfortunately, my last pain had yet to happen. Within seven days of living in America, I got involved in a bicycle and car accident, hit and run. I was hit by an unknown car while I was on my bicycle. Not knowing that I would be alive once and for all, I found myself in one of the best American hospitals.

After fourteen days of being hospitalized in the hospital, I found myself alive. If the accident had occurred in one of the refugee camps, I would have already been in a grave. As of speaking to you, I am the only survived son among three survived sisters out of eleven siblings. God is my Hero. He will always be!

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Author Info

As a Certified Educator and Education Specialist, a growing entrepreneur and economist, Dr. Deng is a keynote speaker, an Inspirational Educator and Influential Survivor known as the Life Saver, the People’s person, and an incoming Author of God Left Us Behind Fatal Faith. This hidden holocaust, famine, thirsty, wild animals, and chronic illness survivors, recipient of many Humanitarian and Achievement awards, National Speaker for the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan, Against Suicide Alliance Project, and a Liaison for Forgotten People, now uses his life story and experience to lead thousands to their victory in discovering their potential dreams and using their inner power to ascend to their Next Level in life, education, and career.

Having overcome a series of life changing experiences at a young age, including a 16-teaching and leadership career, becoming a highly educated educator, and a harrowing survival that left him unforgettably memoirs, Dr. Deng has drawn upon his past pains to connect him closer to his success and purpose of changing, inspiring, motivating, and empowering others to succeed in life. His mission is to use an odd life journey in which he defines struggling and suffering as the signs of HOPE and PERSEVERANCE, the Road to a VICTORY. He uses his life story as a means to help children or adults ignite their inner faith and realize their true potential is not today but tomorrow

As the Founder of the Aid and Care and the Executive Director of the DRD Foundation, he dedicates to helping those who are experiencing unjust suffering by assisting them with access to education, healthcare, and other imperative resources in war and poverty affected countries in East Africa. As the Executive Director of DRD Foundation, commits to providing and delivering sustainable resources and projects to at risk-children, orphans and youth denied with life basic needs become self-reliable, reach their full potentials, and contributed citizens of the globe. Through his humanitarian and educational, and public speaking, he educates and helps people become self-discovers, leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and career achievers who can use their PERSEVERANCE to have a fulfilled life, a victory on their own terms.

His signature speaker programs include Modeled Life with Terrible Equation: Ten Steps Solutions, God Left Me Behind Fatal Faith, Educated Mind Reaches Potential, and the Born to Be Powerful Survivor and Prizewinner’s Summit.

From his public presentations, group events and online seminars, thousands significantly get EDUCATED MINDS REACH POTENTIAL, achieve education, let go their past bad life, shift their life and career

“don’t wait! Invite him and share his aspirations with you.”