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God''s Dream

By Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams

Publisher: Candlewick Press, August 2008
ISBN: 9780763633882
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.

With warmth and humor, Archbishop Desmond Tutu distills his philosophy of unity and forgiveness into a picture book for the very young.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has a vision of God's dream, which he shares here with the youngest of listeners. It involves people who reach out and hold each other's hands, but sometimes get angry and hurt each other — and say they're sorry and forgive. It's a wish that everyone will see they are brothers and sisters, no matter their way of speaking to God, no matter the size of their nose or the shade of their skin. Aided by vibrant artwork evoking such images as a rainbow and a sharing circle, Tutu offers the essence of his ubuntu philosophy, a wisdom so clear and crystalline that even the smallest child can understand.

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raxel | 7/22/2009 6:29 AM
dis is one of my favorite books becouse meke me go back to my dreams

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