Alice Hancock

by Elle from Hopkinsville

An angel now in heaven.

I know she was a very good person. I know that for a fact when my friends and I would come to her house she would always make us her homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious, they would practically melt in your mouth. She never missed church. Not once would she tell me when I didn't feel like going to church, "Do you know what I used to get when I said that I didn't want to go to church? I would get a whipping." I would feel bad after saying I didn't want to go, so I went with her.

She was always volunteering for the Salvation Army or some other charity because she wanted to help people and she cared for them. Whatever they needed, like a place to stay, food to eat, or something to drink, she would always be there no matter what happened.

Until one day she was at church singing in the choir and she had a heart attack and died. Still, from that day on I have wanted to be just like her because she knew everyone in the whole town and everyone knew her and loved her. I want to be just like her because I know that she was a good person. I look up to her and think when I'm about to do something wrong, would my grandmother have done this, would she have thought this was a good idea?

The answer was mostly no, but sometimes yes. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

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