Jesse McCord Lewis

by Alyssa :) from United States

                          About My Hero, Jesse McCord Lewis

Jesse Lewis was born in Danbury, Connecticut on June 30, 2006. He was 6 years old when he was murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. He was brave enough to tell his classmates to run while the shooter was reloading up his gun. Jesse died a hero.

Jesse had one older sibling named JT Lewis and Jesse adored him a lot. He looked up to him very much. "To use your dying breath to try to save your friends is really remarkable and I'm very proud of him." Scarlett Lewis said. Jesse had two favorite toys and they were toy soldiers and rubber ducks. Jesse would put toy soldiers in his Spiderman lunchbox that he would play with at moment's notice.

Jesse and his brother loved spending time together. They would both play video games together after school.

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