Jesse Thyne

Jesse was a great teacher, tutor, mentor, and family member. He was a dedicated volunteer in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa. He went to a place where he knew he could make a difference and wanted to help teach children who otherwise would not have a teacher. He made friends wherever he went and touched the hearts of many.

Jesse was never one to go anywhere without making a good impression on everyone he met. His sudden death in a tragic car accident in Africa brought his family and friends together in a celebration of his life. They came from all over: Africa, Canada, and the US. The church was filled with people who knew that Jesse had made a difference in their lives, in the lives of the children, and in the hearts of his loved ones.

Jesse volunteered with the Peace Corps to help educate children in Guinea, Africa. Guinea is a very poor and complex country where tribalism is strong. Each tribe that Jesse worked with wanted him to commit to one or the other.

Jesse would not surrender to tribalism when he took an African name, and he wanted a tribal last name. Each of the two tribes in which he taught insisted that he choose their name. Rather than choose, he married the tribes' two names into one.


Jesse was a light to all who knew him. We will always remember the joy and love he brought to his work, to his family, to his friends. The people who loved Jesse are planning to build a school in Guinea in his honor. So his work continues...


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To help build the Jesse Thyne memorial school, donate funds to:
The Jesse Thyne Memorial Fund
1111 20th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20526
attention: Eric Zander

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Jesse Thyne was a generous soul with a passion for teaching. His vibrant energy has touched many lives; his lesson to love life will endure.