Laguna HERO Fest

Celebrating local and global heroes in Laguna Beach, California!

The Laguna Hero Fest has been sponsored by The City of Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Funding program with support from the lodging establishments of Laguna Beach.

Laguna Hero Fest
Credit: Robin Altman

Laguna Hero Fest Sizzle

The Laguna Hero Fest brings together artists and activists of all ages to recognize individuals and groups in the community who are working hard to make the world a better place.

2019 Annual Laguna Hero Fest Honorees & Films

The 12th Annual Laguna Hero Fest was celebrated at The Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach

This family friendly program included performances of dance, live music and short films celebrating the best of humanity. Thanks to the City of Laguna Beach and the Foundation of the Festival of the Arts for their support for this program.

November 16th is the UN International Day of Tolerance. We honor those working to build bridges of understanding and compassion in our community. As a sanctuary for the environment our community embraces respect for each other and all the sea life and animals that call our beautiful Laguna home.



Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club Hero Fest 2019

Jeanne Meyers
The 2019 Laguna Hero Fest was a wonderful community building event held at the Boys and & Girls Club and sponsored by the Lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach.

Pam Estes - Community Hero

Saint George
Pam Estes has been serving the community of Laguna Beach for decades as Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach.


Marc Ostrick - WINNER of the 2019 Media Arts Educator Award, shares about his work with - ChangeChitra | MY HERO and Video Volunteers - Dept. of State Grant - India.

What if...

Produced by:Terry Campbell, Paul Leon, Noah Berlow, Rose Wolfrum, Amelia Iacobel...
This short documentary film shatters the preconceptions of homelessness, explores the ramifications of unstable housing for children, and provides a solution.

Made in Madras

Mohit Arora, Aishwarya Ashok, Shikha Kumari
Made in Madras is the story of an 18-year-old soccer player, Sangeetha, who lives on the streets of Madras (aka Chennai).

My Blue Heart

Produced by:MY HERO
Whitney Winefordner and Larsen McCarroll perform original song in honor of Sylvia Earle.

Dr. Judith Anderson - Community Hero Award

Dr. Judith Anderson accepts Community Hero Award at the 11th Annual Laguna Hero Fest.

History will be Repeated

Producer: Trey Carlisle

Trey Carlisle performs an original spoken word piece that promotes tolerence.

Laguna Beach Police Anti-Bullying Campaign Featuring Tony Hawk

Producer: LBPD Social Media Team

A powerful message for young people to stand up against bullying!

Laguna Beach Community Clinic | Then & Now

Producer: Cory Sparkuhl

Learn about the history and remarkable heroes of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic.

Teaching with Media

Producer: MY HERO

The MY HERO Project empowers youth through media arts education to share their powerful voices with the world.

Sultana Call to Action

Producer: Madeline Gullim

Madeline Gillum's 6th Grade Class at Sultana Elementary created this Student /Teacher Activist Award winning video through the MY HERO / iEarn Learning Circles!

Laughter Yoga | Laughing for Fitness // 60 Second Docs

Producer: 60 second docs

Jeffrey Briar inspires others to laugh for health!

2018 Featured Art Honorees

2018 Student Art Honorees

Producer: MY HERO
Slideshow featuring heroic art from students around the world with Larsen McCarroll on piano.

Laguna Bluebelt Photography Contest Winners 2018

Producer: Laguna Bluebelt
Slideshow featuring the winning photographers of the Laguna Bluebelt contest with Larsen McCarroll on piano.

Featured Heroes from the 2017 Laguna Hero Fest

Toni Iseman - Community HERO Award 2017

Producer: Charles McMahon
Laguna Beach Mayor, Toni Iseman, receives the 2017 Community Hero Award for her service to the Laguna Beach Community.

World Oceans Day - Celebrate Marine Parks

Producer: One World One Ocean
One World One Ocean produced this video to raise awareness about World Oceans Day!

Laguna ECO HERO Segment: MacGillivrays One World One Ocean

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Segment from the Laguna Beach ECO Heroes documentary featuring the work of Greg, Barbara, Shawn & Meghan Magillivray with their One World One Ocean Campaign.

Laguna Bluebelt 2017 Photo Contest Winners!

Producer: Laguna Bluebelt
The Laguna Bluebelt Photo contest winners slideshow - no sound.

Laguna Beach Lifeguards!

Producer: The MY HERO Project

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Producer: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

La Vida Laguna - Ocean Hero

Producer: La Vida Laguna
Billy Fried leads this innovative Ocean minded group in Laguna Beach.

Sawdust Festival Artist Profile Series - Patsee Ober, Underwater Photographer

Producer: Sparkle Films
Patsee Ober Underwater Photographer reveals the magic just beneath the surface of the sea.
Cory Sparkuhl produced this wonderful tribute to Laguna Beach Artist Robert Young.
Artist Profile - Robert Young
Credit: Robert Young

Adopt a Class program impacts the lives of many youth introducing them to Ocean Conservation at the Ocean Institute.
Ocean Institute - Adopt a Class Program
Credit: Ocean Institute
Massen Green Foundation
Credit: Alan Grant

Historic American Landscape Survey Project for Laguna beach and Laguna Greenbelt

Producer: Tom Lamb & Ron Chilcote
Laguna Beach Heroes Ron Chilcote and Tom Lamb facilitated national recognition for Laguna Beach and the Laguna Greenbelt!

Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award sizzle and 2017 winner

Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Sizzle

Producer: Hila Hamidi
One World One Ocean Sponsors the Ocean Conservation Award in the MY HERO International Film Festival with a 500.00 prize!

Sylvia Earle OCEAN Conservation Award WINNERS REEL

Producer: The MY HERO Project

Bazaruto Ocean Guardians

Producer: Finn White-Thomson

Finn Moss White-Thomson Acceptance

Producer: Finn Moss White-Thomson

10th Annual Laguna Hero Fest Event media

Toni Iseman

Laguna Beach Poet - John Gardner

Chase - Ted Talk

Sean Ted Talk



Debbie and Charlotte Young

Laguna Bluebelt Team

Keith Matassa

Ron Chilcote and Tom Lamb

Laguna Lifeguards

Featured Content from 2017 Youth Program

Kate Sings in Laguna Hero Fest Youth Program

Kate sings at the Laguna Hero Fest Youth Program - World Ocean's Day Celebration.

Ditty for Dilley: Sing Along

Producer: MY HERO
Sing along with us as we celebrate James Dilley through song. Featuring original music by Sasha Evans and Doug Miller.

Everything Laguna Beach - Ocean Segment

Producer: John Barrett
John Barrett produces Everything Laguna Beach and shares the Ocean Segment with MY HERO.

The 10th Annual Laguna Hero Fest was dedicated to Stu Saffer

Films Celebrating 2016 Honorees

Community HERO Gregg Abel

Producer: Charles McMahon
The 2016 Community Award recipient is Gregg Abel for more than 35 years of service to greater Laguna Beach.

Pray For A Cure by Music in Common

Producer: Music in Common
This original song and music video was created by local youth from diverse religious backgrounds titled “Pray for a Cure", mentored through the Music in Common program at the Laguna College of Art and Design, spearheaded by Jason Feddy, Warren Sellars, and Alisa Eisenberg.

Art and Nature by Greg MacGillivray for The Laguna Art Museum

Producer: Greg MacGillivray
Marinta Skupin became the Curator of Education at Laguna Art Museum in 2012. Skupin creates opportunities for all audiences to engage in meaningful and enjoyable ways with art. The Art & Nature Festival, now going into its 4th year, is one of her most successful projects and her enthusiasm for art is infectious.


Producer: Laguna Beach Live
Laguna Beach Live!, a non-profit organization, strives to increase the awareness of and participation in diverse musical experiences, enhancing the reputation of Laguna Beach as a music town. Since 2001, Laguna Beach Live! has brought professional music to the community of Laguna Beach in intimate settings, at accessible venues and at affordable prices.

POSITIVE SPIN featuring Give a Beat

Producer: Give a Beat
Community music educational non-profit organization Give a Beat, founded by Laguna Beach entrepreneur Lauren Segal brings a positive spin to youth in need.

9th Annual Laguna Hero Fest Honorees

Gregg Abel at the 2015 Laguna Hero Fest
Credit: Miss Jaime Photography
Jason Feddy with Pray for a Cure Music Video Participants
Credit: Music In Common
Patsee Ober Photography
Credit: Patsee Ober
Art & Nature Laguna Art Museum - honoree Marinta Skupin
Credit: Laguna Art Museum

Zeda Stone and Bryn Mooser honorees from
Credit: RYOT
RYOT Foundation has launched a program called " The Great Escape Project". This program will bring uplifting Virtual Reality experiences to children who are patients at CHOC Hospital. Zeda Stone and Bryn Mooser both with roots in Laguna Beach are spearheading this humanitarian project.

Pediatric Patients at CHOC Hospital experience Virtual Reality from RYOT Foundation
Credit: RYOT

Give a

By: Lauren Segal, Founder

Whitney Winefordner

By: Laguna Beach Teen Vocalist

Patsee Ober Swimming in the Pacific Ocean by Laguna

By: Patsee Ober


By: Karla Fandel, Art Director

Featured Laguna Beach Heroes from 2015

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: One World One Ocean

Producer: The MY HERO Project
One World One Ocean is a global campaign led by Greg MacGillivray to raise awareness for ocean conservation.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Wyland

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Wyland is an iconic activist who uses his art, music and love of nature to inspire and encourage stewardship of the planet.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Mary Fegraus

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Mary Fegraus has lead the campaign to create a wilderness park in the greenbelt surrounding Laguna Beach. Thank You Mary Fegraus.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: James Dilley

Producer: The MY HERO Project
James Dilley is the father of the Laguna Greenbelt and is commemorated in this wonderful little Ditty.

30 minute doc - Laguna beach ECO Heroes
Credit: myhero

Special thanks to our sponsors

City of Laguna Beach
Credit: City of Laguna Beach
Stu News Laguna
Credit: Stunewslaguna
Credit: KX93 FM
Credit: seven-degrees


How to Host a HERO Fest
Credit: myhero

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