Leonardo da Vinci

by Shruthi from San Diego, California in United States

134279Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci [Public domain]A boy taught himself math (besides other subjects) in Florence, Italy, because there weren’t any good schools there back in the 15th century when he was growing up. Who would have known that the boy who hardly had any formal education would turn out to be the scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is known for his paintings, such as the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper.” He was also known for his studies in anatomy, astronomy, botany, and geology (“Leonardo da Vinci”). Leonardo was also an architect. Leonardo’s architecture techniques are used and studied even today. Leonardo is considered a true hero because his contributions in the domains of science and art truly benefited society for generations to come.

Leonardo da Vinci’s application of human and world science made it a better place. His interest in world science helped him discover things. “Leonardo had a keen interest in how things worked” (Leonardo da Vinci). He was always curious about how the world worked. His curiosity made him become a scientist and an engineer. He was so good that he was an expert in many fields. “He was an intellectual hero by studying the human body, nature, inventions, and his art” (Leonardo da Vinci). He used the bodies of the people who had died to study human anatomy. His studies of human anatomy made him a hero. Therefore, Leonardo da Vinci’s works of human science and arts benefited the world.

134411Mona LisaLeonardo da Vinci [Public domain]Leonardo da Vinci is famous for his architectural techniques. While he tried to show his techniques of architecture in drawings, he started to develop shading. “Leonardo da Vinci's techniques allowed him to work slowly and develop shading in his painting” (Leonardo da Vinci). Leonardo used the shading techniques in his art paintings. People loved all of the paintings he made. When Leonardo built his designs, he was thinking very carefully on how to make them perfectly, using math and symmetry. “His designs built on the ideas of earlier city planners who designed their cities in geometric shapes and then surrounded them with a wall” (Leonardo da Vinci-Architect). His techniques for designing whole cities were followed in future centuries. He left behind drawings of buildings, streets, tunnels and bridges. Therefore, Leonardo da Vinci’s techniques of architecture benefited the world.

Leonardo da Vinci is a true hero to people all around the world. Through his self-learning, he is truly inspirational. It is rather rare to be a genius in both science and art. He was also a good person who learned his architecture techniques and works of science and art. Leonardo da Vinci is a visionary because his discoveries, work, and even notes have led to future inventions in so many spheres of modern-day living. “Many of his ideas have been an inspiration for some modern technology” (Leonardo da Vinci). Leonardo’s modern technology inspires me because he had such great ideas on how to build machines. His ways of thinking outside the box about modern technology were amazing to me. Even though his inventions were hard, he never gave up. “What makes Leonardo da Vinci a hero is he never gave up on his inventions” (Leonardo da Vinci). By reading about him, I have learned that I should never give up on anything I do in life. I admire Leonardo da Vinci for his genius and everlasting legacy.


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