LGBT Heroes in Media & Entertainment

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month

LGBT Pride Month

Celebrate Pride by learning about LGBT heroes who have shaped culture in media and entertainment.

You can also learn more about the hero activists who advanced LGBT rights and LGBT heroes in the arts and sciences

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LGBT Media Heroes

Anderson Cooper

By: Chelsea from San Diego
Anderson Cooper is a television reporter and journalist.

Ellen DeGeneres

By: Lilly Sicat
Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian and talk show host whose character on "Ellen" was the first openly gay lead.

LGBT Heroes in Entertainment

Sir Elton John

By: Rachel from San Diego
Sir Elton John is a successful musician who is also a champion of LGBT and AIDS issues.

Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Joanne Germanotta)

By: Chase Cooper
Chase from San Diego writes about his hero Lady Gaga because of her humility: "She tells us that we cannot be self-centered in order to be truly successful.

Laverne Cox

By: Michelle from San Diego
"Cox doesn't want to be seen as an icon or a hero, she just wants to prove that everyone is human and even if they may be different that just makes them special."

Freddie Mercury

By: Camellia from San Diego
Freddie Mercury was the memorable lead singer of the band, Queen.

Ian McKellen

By: Christyl Tiffany
Ian McKellen is an accomplished English actor and human rights activist.

Gigi Gorgeous

By: Ashlee from Mission Viejo
"Happy people do not tear people down, happy people build people up."


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