October is LGBT History Month

Rodney Wilson, a high school teacher from Missouri, created LGBT History Month in 1994. He chose October because it includedNational Coming Out Day (October 11 and the anniversary of the first march on Washington by LGBT people on October 14, 1979.

For LGBT History Month, we shine a light on LGBT activist heroes who have advanced LGBT rights. For more LGBT heroes who have shaped culture, check out our page celebrating LGBT Pride Month.


Love Has No Labels

Producer: Prod. The Ad Council / Dir. R/GA
The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, others and institutions.

Austin Police Department & LGPOA: It Gets Better

Producer: Steven McCormick/Shawn Northcutt
The Lesbian & Gay Peace Officers Association sends a message to LGBTQ youth that it does get better.

I Love Marriage in Illinois: It's Just Time

Producer: Lambda Legal/Leslie Von Pless and Ben Mendelsohn
From Chicago to Springfield, Peoria to Champaign, our brave plaintiff couples and their children are leading the fight for marriage in Illinois.

Janet Miller

Producer: The Working Group
Janet Miller leads her students to stand up for their LGBT peers.

LGBT Activist Heroes

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

By: Maddy from San Diego
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was the first known activist for gay rights.

Jane Addams

By: April from San Diego
Jane Addams was a leading reformist and peace advocate.

Langston Hughes

By: Jeff Trussell
Langston Hughes was nicknamed the Poet Laureate of Harlem.

James Baldwin

By: Eric from Elmhurst
James Baldwin was a famed novelist and essayist.

Harvey Milk

By: Tammy Chen from San Diego

Milk was the first openly gay politician and worked to gain equal rights for the LGBT community.

Angela Davis

By: Alexia from Madison
Angela Davis is a leader, author, and professor who has fought for decades for human rights.

Frank Mugisha

By: H. Doerflein from Madison

Ugandan LGBT activist, recipient of Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award.

Fay Clayton

By: Jennifer Beck
Attorney Fay Clayton has spent much of her 26-year career championing society’s victims.

Helen Zia

By: Hannah from San Diego
Helen Zia is an Asian American journalist, scholar and activist for human rights.

Joel Burns

By: Wendy Jewell

Joel Burns reached out to LGBT teens with a personal story and a message of hope.


Harry Hay (1912 - 2002)

By: Robert Shetterly

Gay Activists

By: EB


By: Alex Hunt


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