LGBT Heroes in the Arts Sciences

Part of LGBT History and LGBT Pride Month celebrations

LGBT Pride Month

Learn about LGBT heroes who have shaped the arts and sciences for Pride Month.

You can also learn more about the hero activists who advanced LGBT rights and LGBT heroes in media and entertainment

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LGBT in Literature

Oscar Wilde

By: MY HERO Staff
Oscar Wilde was a famous 19th century playwright, epigrammatist, poet, dandy and all around wit.

Walt Whitman

By: Austin from Boca Raton

Langston Hughes

By: Abbey from Mayfield Hights
Samuel Johnson once said, “Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” This quote well describes Langston Hughes. Langston was a gay African American man who grew up hearing things like, “Be like them white folks”.

James Baldwin

By: Eric from Elmhurst
James Baldwin was a famed African American novelist and essayist whose writings dealt with homosexual issues before the gay liberation movement.

LGBT Science Heroes

Alan Turing

By: Edward Ortiz
Alan Turing was a brilliant scientist and mathematician who laid the theoretical groundwork for the first computer.

LGBT in Music

Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky

By: Yelda from Lawndale
“The creative process is like music which takes root with extraordinary force and rapidity”

LGBT Heroes in Dance

Josephine Baker

By: Angela from San Diego

Alvin Ailey

By: Adra from San Diego
Alvin Ailey worked his way from a poor field worker to a famous choreographer.

Rudolph Nureyev

By: Shannon from San Diego
Rudolph Nureyev was a legendary Russian ballet dancer.


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