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Light in the Attic

By Shel Silverstein

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books, October 1981
ISBN: 0060256737
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
From the Publisher
Last night while I lay thinking here
Some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
And pranced and partied all night long
And sang their same old Whatif song:

What if I flunk that test?
Whatif green hair grows on my chest?
Whatif nobody likes me?
Whatif a bolt of lightning strikes me?...

Here in the attic of Shel Silverstein you will find Backward Bill, Sour Face Ann, the Meehoo with an Exactlywatt, and the Polar Bear in the Frigidaire. You will talk with Broiled Face, and find out what happens when Somebody steals your knees, you get caught by the Quick-Digesting Gink, a Mountain snores, and They Put a Brassiere on the Camel.

From the creator of the beloved poetry collections Where the Sidewalk Ends and Falling Up, here is another wondrous book of poems and drawings.

User Reviews:
leann | 2/20/2017 5:34 AM
i do believe this book as a child opened up a new window for reading for not only me but for the children around me as well
| 2/18/2011 3:16 AM
i really love this book one suggestion though how a out letting us read the book on this site now that would be awsome and also where do u get your inspiration for the poem whatifs?
Dalasountezmclean | 2/16/2009 10:36 PM
i love ur poem special sis sales. thank u.
isaac ezemba | 10/18/2008 7:13 AM
i love this book
emily griggs | 9/16/2008 5:13 AM
i love sam guzman and  yicky ticky tumbo
brittany icaza | 5/22/2008 9:30 PM
your writing is an inspiration to me. your like my favorite poem writer! Oh your spelling bee poem and sick poem were my favorites! Please write more.
POEM LOVER | 5/8/2008 1:47 AM
emma | 3/29/2008 3:25 AM
I love Shel Siverstein!!! he is one of my favorite author's. GO Shel silverstein
Emilyyyy | 1/10/2008 10:54 PM
one of the best books i have ever read in my life! <3
morgan | 12/21/2007 6:08 AM
i love this book really good poems
dan | 12/12/2007 11:49 PM
JAZ | 11/18/2007 4:57 AM
I used to read this book EVERY NIGHT when I was little! It really got me into reading!
Amanda farabella | 10/22/2007 11:38 PM
this book rox
cool | 4/10/2007 1:52 AM
I love this book!
alyssa | 4/2/2007 6:50 AM
your books just make me laugh so hard and i love your poems
| 3/1/2007 10:38 PM
i luv this book!
Janelle | 12/8/2006 11:42 AM
i love all his books with all those creative poems that really all sent out a message believe it or not hopefully everyone will remember him years to come
THANK YOU shel silverstein for all ur entertaining poems
Ritna Shover | 12/3/2006 9:13 AM
I love shels books, this is so cool they made this site for his books and him, along with other authors!
Antonia Anderson | 11/15/2006 5:10 AM
I love a light in the atic.although i'm just a 10 year old kid.Shel's books have always cracked me up.
snoopy | 5/4/2006 12:49 AM
i love it
Katie Summers | 4/7/2006 1:09 AM
I love shels books! They Rock my Sox!
Tiya Lundon | 4/5/2006 1:22 AM
Dis book was off the hook! It was the bomb diggity!!
Sarah YO!!!!!!!!!! | 4/5/2006 1:21 AM
every month I say how much I love shels books! and WOW! do I love his books! I mean its " LyKe WhOa"!!!
JerseyBeachBum44 | 3/8/2006 11:23 AM
WOW! I didn't even know Silverstein was so well known! I read those poems ALL the time! Good job Silverstein!!!
Angelle | 3/5/2006 9:46 PM
I love this book i am finished reading it so every night i read it to my little sister journey and hope that she will get into reading your books too.
destiny (MVMS) | 2/28/2006 10:58 AM
here at martha vaught middle we love all shel's books including the missing piece, we may be 8th grade but we STILL Love him.
Marlika Zanzubia | 2/17/2006 10:09 AM
I enjoyed this book very much, lots of good Pictures
Anne Luis | 2/7/2006 4:47 AM
I very much enjoyed this book, it was very pleasurable , I most enjoyed the funny pictures, they were very creative.
Leta T | 2/7/2006 4:44 AM
I liked the book, it was good, yeah,ummm.....thats it, but whateva!!
Trinika Lobedosa | 2/7/2006 4:42 AM
I own this book, It is very good to me, I am from Russia, and when I came to America, my mother gave me this book, and I read it, i liked it very much
Jennat Fisher | 2/7/2006 4:41 AM
Me and my brother LOVE these books, but this one is the BEST!!!!!!
Tommy Fisher | 2/7/2006 4:40 AM
I love his books, there really good
Julia Deglas Juanita Josephina Deglas | 2/7/2006 4:39 AM
Brenda Foster | 2/7/2006 4:37 AM
OMG!!!! Can't beleive theres a comment place, well.....hope I get in it, Well....First: I LOVE Shel Silvesteins books, and Second: THEY JUST ROCK!!!
Ashlee Minslet Dogshelt | 2/7/2006 4:35 AM
Well...I was very sad when shel died, and I dedicated one of my poems to him. I was very touched by his poems, out of all his books, this one would have to be my favorite, and also The Giving Tree. I wish I could have met the famous "Shelly Silverstein". But as it is, I never will, but that was my comment, hope it wasn't to... long.
             Love, Ashlee Minslet Dogshelt
Sarah 92 | 2/7/2006 4:31 AM
Man I love these books, I bought all of them, and I read them ALL the time!!!
Lafanda | 2/7/2006 4:30 AM
I love these books, I read them to my kids all the time!
Mindi Anne Brummett | 2/6/2006 1:24 AM
I love this book, it cracks me up, I read it all the time.
Shannon | 2/3/2006 11:25 AM
Shel was a deep thinker, funny poem writer, and great worker.  So thank you Shel!!!
Sarah Elizabeth Ruelas | 1/23/2006 7:42 AM
I love Shels books, this one would be my personal favorite, I've done at least three projects on this book, and I have done many on Shel Silverstein himself.
Ryan rocks | 1/18/2006 1:55 AM
I love his book it rules!!!
If his poems confuse you just think about them after you read them and it will help
sarah thompson | 2/9/2005 12:23 AM
he is the best writer in the world
terra wolfgang | 2/9/2005 12:21 AM
my coment is i love his books
sarah ruelas | 2/7/2005 9:28 AM
i loved a light in the attic. My favorite poem is spelling bee.Everytime I read that It just makes me laugh.
elizzie | 12/11/2004 4:09 PM
i thought the book very fun to read
Christina Como | 11/2/2004 11:22 AM
I enjoyed this book and it's not the usual boring poetry that you can't understand. it actually makes sense and may sometimes be funny. i recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good and easy read!
elizabeth | 4/2/2004 2:57 AM
A Light in the Attic was a really great book. It has given imagination to the little kids. I really loved the book.

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