Local Kayaker Shares His Story to Inspire Others

Missoula, MT - 3/2/11 - Seventeen-year-old Quinton Barnett has dedicated his life to pursuing his passion: kayaking around the world and exploring unknown rivers. In the release of The MY HERO Report: Youth Edition II this week, Quinton shares his insights about the power of connecting to nature and inspires others to pursue their own dreams.

Quinton says, "I want people to know what it is like to be part of a force much greater than them and embrace it."

His segment on the MY HERO Report follows his journey from Missoula, MT to Zambia and Uganda with the World Class Kayak Academy. After just four years of training, he finished second in his first international competition, the Nile River Men's Pro in Uganda. His determination, courage and commitment make him a hero to his family, teachers and peers. To see Quinton's segment please visit

The MY HERO Report is a compilation of inspirational short videos featuring passionate young people and their heroes. The material is online and also available for interested High School and Middle School teachers across the USA on DVD. The program was developed from essays submitted to the MY HERO web site, teacher nominations and honorees from the MY HERO International Film Festival. This DVD is available as a resource for educators seeking to empower young people to use media and technology to share inspirational stories and raise awareness of and respect for diversity. The MY HERO Report DVD also includes highlights from the 2010 MY HERO International Film Festival, as a gift from the festival filmmakers and producers.

The MY HERO Report: Youth Edition ll DVD also includes the following segments:

Camille "Manybeads" Tso is a 16-year old Navajo filmmaker who shares the tale of Yellow Woman, her great, great, great grandmother, a hero whose story continues to inspire members of the Navajo community.

Logan Cascia pays homage to his hero Tommy Carroll, a blind skateboarder who refuses to let obstacles or fear keep him from achieving his dreams, including skateboarding with world famous skater Tony Hawk.

Matthew Cohen learned about the immense potential of solar ovens from his hero and teacher Rowena Gerber and created his own website to raise funds for solar oven donations to Haiti.

Mohamed Sidibay is determined to become an international lawyer and protect children from becoming child soldiers, as he was. During the civil war in Sierra Leone, rebels killed Mohamed's family and forced him to fight in their army for seven years. As Mohamed tells his tale, we see that the young reporter is also a hero to many.

Bailey Cunningham tells us about her brother Brice Cunningham, a vibrant, ambitious teen who refuses to allow deafness to stand in his way. Bailey's story shows her brother is an outgoing inspiration to the people in his life.

Slater Jewell-Kemker has been a youth reporter for the MY HERO Project since she was 10 years old. Slater has evolved into a vibrant artist and activist, currently prepping a feature film about the efforts young people fighting climate change.

The MY HERO Project ( is a not-for-profit, educational web project that celebrates the world's heroes through an ever-growing archive of hero stories, artwork and short films that is freely accessible to a global audience. Educators in 180 countries use this free resource to bring unique educational experiences to their classrooms. For more information, please visit the MY HERO web site (

MY HERO has produced this video series with support from a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

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