Ma jun was renowend  chinese envromentalist and activist who played crucial role in raising awerness about enviromental issue in chin 

Ma jun

by hanad hussin from chicago, Illinois in United States

168461ma jun in interview hero is Ma Jun. He is Chinese and 55 years old. They went to the University of International Relations to further their studies.

Ma Jun has become a national hero in China as a result of his significant efforts to environmental conservation. Since establishing the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), he has made it his mission to change environmental responsibility. He had a great deal of success in trying to educate the public about environmental issues and demonstrate to them how the ecosystem works. He became well-known for promoting positive change in China. Many consider him a hero due to his environmental efforts and passion.

Ma Jun’s actions are related to sustainable development. He wants to make sure that companies are responsible and transparent in their actions. He exposes companies that harm the environment, like polluting or dumping waste illegally. He keeps them responsible and contributes to environmental protection by doing this. He also gives people information about the environment, so they can make better decisions. I picked this hero because the way he motivated himself to do an investigation inspired me because I thought nobody cared about the environment until I saw him in the news. If I met him I would ask him what made you do your investigation and why did you do it.

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